Purposely bred with predictability in temperament, attitude and structure, generation after generation!

Lucky in his new home in Quebec, with his owner Johanne, completing a 5 km Walk for Cancer and trying his hand at agility.
Tyramara's California Dreaming makes his home in Marina Del Rey with Kevin and is a star on YouTube.
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Hi Denise. It's been almost a month since Dreamer arrived and I just want to tell you that he's well adjusted here. We take him everywhere we go. I bring him to work almost every day and he has never barked once at work, and everyone remarks how well behaved he is. He is doing exceptionally well at the puppy kindergarten-- he is the most obedient puppy in the class and learns faster than everyone else. Every toy/miniature poodle I've met in my life have been hyper and/or yappy, but Dreamer seems to have the sweet, calm disposition of a standard poodle, in a miniature poodle body. 

I will send you pictures some time this week.

Thanks again Denise,