Purposely bred with predictability in temperament, attitude and structure, generation after generation!
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 Tyramara puppies are  well bred, socialized and healthy puppies, both mentally and physically. I breed for the total package as per our breed standard. Poodles are versatile and my puppies are raised to be enjoyed as a family companion, competitors in obedience or conformation, to be stable in a therapy situation or a top dog in rally or agility. I give my puppies a stable foundation to ensure the puppy you get from Tyramara is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion for you to enjoy for many years.

           I have decided to sell the little cream girl from Remo's first litter, her name is Luna. She is 8 months old, born on February 13, 2023. Her registered name is Tyramara's MoonDance with the Wolf. There is nothing wrong with her physically, she is healthy and up to date on her vaccinations. She is also microchipped and passed her vet examination with no problems. The only reason I am selling her is she is high energy and needs more activities than I can do. I am looking for a home that either does agility or fly ball or something along those lines, or is interested in getting involved in those activities. She may also do well in rally. She has basic obedience, but is not a fan. Luna runs around the house carrying a squeaky toy and then barrels out the door and does a loop around the whole yard. She will do this until she runs out of energy. She is very smart and because of that will test your resolve in training. She works best with praise and repetition and occasionally treats. She jumps up under branches or against the fence or x pen. She also loves to chase the birds around the yard and may do well in lure coursing. Sire is our newest champion Remo, GChB.Tyramara's Season of the Wolf and Dam is Ch. Tyramara's Bit of My Heart.  Both sire and dam are clear/normal for four specific mutations associated with the poodle breed. No mutations were identified. Because these dogs are "clear" of these mutations, only normal genes will be passed on to their offspring.  As Remo is first generation, he is clear via his parentage. Sire: GrCh.Lavidia's Takes Two to Tango and Dam: Tyramara's Shades of Seasons Past.
Ch. Tyramara's Bit of My Heart

GrCh.B. Tyramara's Season of the Wolf
Tyramara's MoonDance with the Wolf, Luna