Purposely bred with predictability in temperament, attitude and structure, generation after generation!
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 Tyramara puppies are  well bred, socialized and healthy puppies, both mentally and physically. I breed for the total package as per our breed standard. Poodles are versatile and my puppies are raised to be enjoyed as a family companion, competitors in obedience or conformation, to be stable in a therapy situation or a top dog in rally or agility. I give my puppies a stable foundation to ensure the puppy you get from Tyramara is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion for you to enjoy for many years.

​All puppies from my current litter have been sold. I am considering a breeding sometime later this summer or early fall. If you are interested in a puppy, check back around that time. I will be starting a wait list once I know that puppies will be arriving.
A couple of pictures from my latest litter, taken at 3 months old. Blue Skye on the left and Crush on the right