Purposely bred with predictability in temperament, attitude and structure, generation after generation!
   I have loved dogs my whole life. My mother often threw up her hands in despair when I came home with a stray dog saying “Mommy he followed me home, can I keep him?”
I acquired my first poodle from a pet store when I was in my early twenties. I know what you are thinking; “What’s wrong with getting a puppy from a pet store?” Well, let me tell you that puppy had a great deal of health problems and died far too young of complications from those problems, not to mention the cost, the heartbreak, the lack of vaccinations or any guarantee that this was a properly well bred poodle.
   What I did learn from this early experience was the insight to be able to say that getting a puppy from a responsible, reputable breeder who does all the health testing possible and does a great deal of research into the breed of his or her choice as well as being there for that dog for life is much easier on your heart and pocket book.
My next poodle was an older puppy from a breeder that was retiring. I had him neutered and started going to obedience classes. He and a lovely little girl that I got a year later were the beginning of my life long fascination and love of this extraordinary breed. 

As I was not interested in breeding, when I was younger, I did not spend a lot of time on researching much about the breed. I found them to be devoted companions and a huge source of support for me when I went through one of those life altering changes that we all face. Poodles are incredibly sensitive to their people’s emotions and do all they can to offer comfort when times are difficult.
Back in the 70’s when I acquired my first poodles, little was know of testing for any health problems. I had first hand experience with night blindness in my little boy and that is the reason why all my adult dogs have all been tested for the progressive retinal cone disease form of progressive retinal atrophy. Another lesson learned of what could be done to eradicate diseases through available health tests.

When I retired, it seemed like a good opportunity to begin researching the poodle breed and their pedigrees. I felt if I was going to become involved with breeding and showing, I should have the knowledge to determine what a well-bred poodle should be. Through the extensive research I have done, I have now been able to trace the lineage on my poodles back to the original two lines that came from England to start the poodle breed in North America.

I look forward to many more years of living and learning with the always devoted, fascinating, intelligent, funny and versatile poodle.
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